The Brian Eno word for the day is "teleological"

There's not too much to say about the various reports about U2's time songwriting in Morocco, but I did have to smile at the coy U2.com writeup of their attendance at a Festival of Sacred Music concert: "Turns out the Ensemble are the most famous classical Iranian group in the world and they deliver a virtuoso performance on the kind of percussion and string instruments rarely played in the West. Parissa herself is a mesmerising Arabic soul singer, totally lost in the music, hands raised heavenward in mystic praise even though no-one has a clue what she’s singing about." Come on, dude, who are you kidding? Everyone in the place knew what she was singing about, and if you didn't all you had to do was Google Rumi (the author of the texts); he's only the most famous Sufi mystic poet in the world.

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