All the things that keep us here in the mysterious distance

Through a roundabout trip through a series of links it recently came to my attention that U2's "A Man and A Woman" has a chapter in the 2007 book That Crazy Little Thing Called Love: The Soundtrack of Marriage, Sex, and Faith by Jud Wilhite of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas. The book as a whole is based around the Song of Solomon and ties different phases of relationships in with examples from popular music (sample of other chapter titles: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T," "Tell Her About It," "I'm Too Sexy," "Wonderful Tonight," "Hit Me With Your Best Shot.") In searching through it online (I haven't seen a hard copy) it seems as if the song mentions are all rather brief and superficial, but I can't remember seeing writing on "A Man and A Woman" anywhere else, so I thought it merited a link.

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