Love For a Cross-eyed Culture: “God Part II”

A reader sent in a link to a piece by Rich Wagner called "Love For a Cross-eyed Culture: Unplugging U2’s 'God Part II.'" This turns out to be one in a series of recent mini-essays using U2 lyrics as a resource to illustrate Christian teachings, similar to what one would find in a devotional book. Playing with U2's complexity and ambiguity is not a high value here; making connections with specific doctrines and Bible verses is. As I look over these posts, I realize Rich and I had an email conversation, way back in spring '06, about his interest in using U2 songs in this way; he has published a book called Gospel Unplugged, which treats CCM lyrics in the same devotional mode.

[update for readers who enjoyed this link: Rich emailed 12/29 to say there are more devotions quoting U2 to come on his blog in the next weeks.]

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