"Et Tu, U2?"

In the "better late than never" category, here's a summer 2007 paper by Kevin Holm-Hudson from "The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture" that just came to my attention recently. It's a reading of "Wake Up Dead Man" set in the context of reflection on various Christian writers' perceptions and reviews of the song, drawing on writers ranging from N.T. Wright to Edward T. Cone to U2-buddy John Smith. Kind of wish he had been aware of Brian Walsh's piece on "Wake Up Dead Man" in Get Up Off Your Knees, which is not considered and gives a positive Christian reaction while still ascribing the chorus to the song's narrator -- but you can't have everything. Holm-Hudson does make an interesting point about some sonic aspects of the song and what they evoke -- as well as making sure we've thought a little about the typography in the Pop lyric booklet.

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