"the most highly paid theologian in America"?

Any fans of the Boss out there? A Unitarian Universalist blogger links to us and proposes a book similar to Get Up Off Your Knees incorporating sermons using the music of Bruce Springsteen, whom he calls "the most highly paid theologian in America." (If you didn't see it, check out his amazing induction of U2 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here - part 1. Their joint performance of "Still Haven't Found" that evening is also good.) I'm betting Mary Hess at Luther Seminary would welcome such a project.

I've used Bruce once in a sermon -- a sermon in which I also used U2. In a very age-mixed congregation, I wanted to begin by evoking pop culture tie-ins for the idea of longing for "something more." I quoted a verse out of one song from each of three decades: "Born to Run" represented longing for transcendence in the 70s, "Streets" in the 80s, and for the 90s I used a song that has not at all held up, but in the week I was preaching was all over the radio, "Higher" by Creed.

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