ever seen a theological reflection on "Dirty Day"?

Well, here's one, or more accurately the first of three quite substantial ones, from the blog "when love comes to town," along with thoughts on "Exit," "Last Night on Earth," and other "shadow side" U2 songs along the way to talking about beauty in ugliness. A very nice job picking up on the literary background, and on complementary echoes from other poets, pray-ers, and musicians. Part 3 has some good material on Christian understandings of aesthetics in general. Thanks to James for letting me know he was doing this. Excerpt (from Part 3):

That is what I hear the more I listen to U2's take on incarnational spirituality: when they are wounded by the ugly cruelty of the world - think: "Peace on Earth," "One" or "Acrobat" - when they are perplexed by how to live authentically in a culture that reduces creativity and humanity to commodities - think: "Vertigo," or "Last Night on Earth" - when they are using "judo" to move the energy of hate, violence or greed into something new and potentially healing - think: "Grace," "The Fly" or "Peace, Love or Else" - there is always a deep commitment to faith, hope and love - with the greatest of these being love.

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