"Rock Band: U2" sermon series

Thanks to reader Cynthia for letting me know about a July sermon series from True North Community Church on Long Island (New York, USA) using U2's story and work in conversation with the Psalms. Drawing on Walter Bruggemann's orientation-disorientation-reorientation paradigm, the series moves through U2's career over four weeks. There is audio for all the messages at the link above.

If you don't enjoy highly breezy homiletics you may be put off initially, but from what I've sampled there's some very good stuff once you get past the breeze -- Pastor Bert Crabbe is obviously much better informed about the band than many people who attempt a sermon series based on U2's work (able to quote from Flanagan, for example, and full of funny imitations of Christian comments on the band in the late 80s); further, he has heartfelt points to make that relate to his U2 material more than superficially.

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