Welcome searchers

I check the stats on this blog fairly rarely, but sometimes it's amusing to see what searches brought people here. Among recent examples:

U2 leak blogspot (sorry, not here)
is the conversations with god book credible? (no)
bono catholic upbringing (that would be larry mullen)
what bible verses is U2's 40 from? (sing this one with me; this is Psalm 40)
U2's tragedies (still wondering what this person had in mind)
which U2 songs are about catholic social teaching (I've always loved "Populorum Progressio," but if you can judge from the beach clips "Rerum Novarum" is gonna top it)
U2 spirituality (now that makes sense)
the Edge U2 statues of Mary on speakers (oh you mean this?)
australia churches fund wells in uganda (kudos to them)

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