Top 10 Spiritual U2 Songs

@U2 continues their long series of top ten lists with a look at what writer Maddy Fry considers the Top 10 Spiritual U2 Songs (leaving the word "spiritual" undefined.)

Bob's Bloggery has already responded. (Bob, you've got mail) ;-) And here's another similar list from about a year ago with a slightly different twist.

While the original NJ newspaper piece it was responding to is long gone, we had some discussion about another similar list in 2005 (that list had several songs on it that were not on the @U2 list and vice versa, and I find less to critique in Fry's specific suggestions -- although I would still make the point I made in '05 that there is no such thing as a non-spiritual U2 song, and the fact that their work reflects that kind of healthy integration is one of the main secrets of its appeal.

My memory was that some reader had then put up another long list on her/his own blog (I seem to recall a white background and a large font!) after which discussion ensued, but I can't find it. If you're out there, speak up and I'll be happy to link you.

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