Here's a rather touching "Like A Song" column from @U2 that describes how "Still Haven't Found," October, and some interviews with the band inspired a search for God in the writer, Maddy Fry. I kind of wish the piece had remained personally reflective rather than moving into endorsing/denouncing specific identifiable individuals and organizations at the end, but the outline of the story is one I've heard over and over, not least in emails from people who have found this blog or the Get Up Off Your Knees book and want to talk with someone about what it is that they experience at U2 concerts and don't have a name for...

Excerpt: Such earnestness made me feel uncomfortable... and at the same time strangely vulnerable. It was as though the band was coming from a place where I couldn't go, articulating an experience of something that I couldn't grasp. They had something that I didn't, something that seemed to make them feel such immense pain and anguish yet also reach the heights of the purest joy and ecstasy at the same time. I felt too embarrassed to admit even to myself that it was something I was starting to want as well.

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