@U2's question of the month for January is "what song that U2 have not covered would you like to hear them cover?" While I don't want to discourage people from participating there, I'm interested in thinking about this from the point of view specifically of theologically literate songs, or songs that (like "Father Christmas," or arguably their covers of "Dancing Barefoot" and "Everlasting Love") it would be interesting to hear U2 tweak into theological literacy. There is of course the negative point that U2 pretty much wreck most songs they cover, but let's pretend we don't know that.

There are rumors of U2 once having taken a shot at Bruce Cockburn's "If I Had A Rocket Launcher." If they're true, or even if they aren't, I'd like to hear that. Same thing with Oasis' "Wonderwall." Also, because of Bono's remarks about John Lennon's "Oh my love" being a text that can properly only be sung as a prayer, it would be interesting to hear him demonstrate.

However, although it would be a big musical stretch for them unless completely reworked, the top theologically literate song I'd like to hear U2 cover for its take on life is Over The Rhine's "I Radio Heaven." (OK, I'm not sure a male vocalist could pull off the infamous "slut with a mission" line, but the theme is near-perfect.)


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