The realm of certainty

All right, here's a comment. What's with all these completely contradictory reviews? White as Snow is the finest song U2 have ever written/White as Snow is boring and suffers from an ugly melody (the melody is of course "O Come O Come Emmanuel.") ...The album's highest point is very definitely Magnificent/ I'll Go Crazy/ Moment of Surrender/ The opening track/ Cedars of Lebanon/ Unknown Caller.... Unknown Caller is awful and best skipped because of its lame technology metaphors. (It's interesting how many people seem to have no idea what's going on in Unknown Caller.)This album rates a mere 2 out of 5 stars. /This album is as good as "Achtung Baby.".... At last they've stopped phoning in a safe version of themselves. /Here they are again, phoning in a safe version of themselves.... It's all Eno's fault./ Thank God for Eno.

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