Counting down to.....?

Pulled out of that last post to avoid getting too off topic: I mentioned that there's a frequently-remarked error in the official lyrics to "Moment of Surrender" and that I think it may be explained by the fact that "MoS" and "Unknown Caller" began as a story that flows from one song to another. The official lyric sheet ends "counting down to the Pentecost," but Bono very clearly sings "counting down till the pain would stop."

If we think in terms of a cross-song narrative, "counting down to the Pentecost" would fit as a description of the character who ends "MoS" having surrendered to God, but is still waiting for the direct revelation (i.e., his own Pentecost) that happens in "Unknown Caller." I wonder if that concept may be where the line came from. But U2 didn't really stick as strongly with the 3rd person character premise for the album as they had originally thought they might -- and if you're not using it deliberately to send a character into the next song's story, the line about Pentecost makes less sense. So my guess is they replaced it with "pain would stop," which is far more appropriate to the vibe of "MoS" by itself. But that news didn't get to the official lyric people -- just the kind of thing that often seems to happen with the many errors in U2's printed song texts.

[Update: commenter Rhiannsu below adds the helpful information that if you bought the deluxe box set, you actually have the correct lyric, as opposed to what's on U2.com]

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