more NLOTH writing with a spiritual slant

A few more links for readers looking to see what's being said about NLOTH from people interested in U2's spirituality, this time around on a more popular level than the last post. (As always, a link here does not necessarily mean I agree, just that readers may find the writing thought-provoking.) Here's an anonymous post called I Found Grace Inside the Sound, which sees NLOTH as seeking to "paint a fuller picture of that 'other place,' the Kingdom (not yet) come, on the other side of the horizon line, [describing] heaven as full of sound." Bob at the Bobosphere is posting a series of pieces pointing out Biblical and other connections that he personally is touched by in some of the songs. And finally, fan forum The Goal is Soul at Interference is talking up "Unknown Caller" in particular, as well as a few other songs.

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