Roundup continues

A couple more links where there's theological discussion going on:

De Regnis Duobus makes some comments about "the sound" and the Reformed love for hearing over other means by which God gets access to us. Bit odd to claim "vision over visibility" as a reunciation of seeing, but along the way there's a nice connection to "Amazing Grace."

The folks at Ephphata Poetry wrote to tell me about their reflections (there are 2 parts).

Holy Skin and Bone gives a Simone Weil-sounding nod in an analysis of the cover (what do you expect from a philosophy professor?) and follows it up with lots of thoughts on every track, informed by the book that accompanies the deluxe edition. Excerpt: Is this U2's most explicitly Christian album? I'm not sure I even understand the question. Some of the lyrics will no doubt send chills up the spines of those of us who fit our own stories into The (Christian) Story. And Bono may no doubt have penned them from within The Story. But the lyrics and the album as a whole have broader appeal. You don't have to be a Christian to resonate with the realities about which Bono sings.

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