Sound and Light

The folks over at Interference asked if I might expand my comments here on the Claw into a brief article for them. If you'd like to read the results, here they are. Thanks guys! Thanks also to @U2 for linking the same U2 Sermons material in this week's OTR.


acousticlady said...

I was telling my sister I was impressed by the fabulous colors/lights in the concert pics posted of the Claw.she said she saw them & thought "these are our idols" I asked her if she thought it was the alter (where we worship)Since then I have been contemplating whether,even though following the tour is getting me excited about seeing U2 in Sept, is the time spent,keeping me from the things of God? On Interference article, Beth's metaphor of the lights to the Light/God were much appreciated.Surely great architecture reflects the image of God in us & inspiring,yet were not the faithful poor exploited for funds to build many cathedrals? A paradox.Back to the Claw,at U2 concerts I have felt LOVE moving my spirit to worship of the Holy One,grateful for the beauty of the music & the moment.Surely there needs to be discernment in the object of my (our)worship & anything we place before God can become our idol.

U2 Sermons said...

Aesthetic experience can be a powerful door into the Holy, or a great snare if we stop there, I agree.