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If anyone is feeling generous, I am having trouble finding some apt introductory quotes for the paper I am giving at the U2 conference in October, "U2 Live: Where Leitourgia Has No Name." (This may be the first of other calls for help!) I'm trying to give a quick kaleidoscope view of things U2 have said about what makes their shows/audience connection unique, and would like a brief comment from all 4 band members if possible, with a citation as to where it comes from. From Bono I have "live is where we discover what our songs are about [and] discover what we are about." From Larry Mullen I have "the sacred moment." I want comments from Adam Clayton and the Edge to round out the picture. (I could use from the Edge “such a special thing that goes on between the band and the audience at a U2 show, and we never get tired of that. It's always unique; it's always really uplifting,” but would like something more pithy.) I'm betting someone out there has examples at the ready.


Zaak said...

EDGE on playing live:

"U2 were born in the context of a live environment. it was our relationship with our audience that gave us our belief in ourselves. It was certainly early on. When we played live something happened. When it went off, something seriously went off in our shows, even in our early club shows."

"The View - The Edge Interview // U2MIRACLE.COM in Google Video"


"There's something about performing our songs in front of a large crowd which works. It's to do with the fact that a lot of those people at those shows are there to celebrate not just their favourite band or a favourite band, but actually part of their history and their life and the music that they have grown up with. As much as we're getting applauded, I think people are also applauding themselves and their experience and their life.

19:00 same interview

U2 Sermons said...

Zaak, thank you - and thanks to others who have sent suggestions by email as well. These are excellent.