...and not see it

Thanks to the folks at the Mockingbird blog for sending along Nathan's writeup of what spiritual connections he made with several moments in a recent U2 show at Giants Stadium. I'm really hearing a fair amount of confusion from people about what's going on with this tour, and am having a difficult time processing my own reaction to the two Foxboro shows, so it's nice to be able to share a piece by someone who seems to have had a pretty straightforward U2ey experience. (Also, make sure you catch his interesting comments about the steering wheel microphone.)


Nathan said...

Thanks for the link, Beth.

I've heard it called the "steering wheel", as you say, but the moment I saw it, I thought "life saver." And the way he hung from it fit that theme.

U2 Sermons said...

I really found that very insightful, Nathan. The lifesaving ring has been thrown down, and Bono is holding onto it for dear life. But also circling it warily, trying to throw it away, watching it inevitably come back, staring at it still just hanging there, glowing... waiting for him.... I applaud this connection you've made. It helps explain the very intense relationship he obviously has with that thing.

U2 Sermons said...

...And of course we nearly got Drowning Man, too!