The Pinnacle of Power

The characteristically very thoughtful Andy Crouch writes about What I saw at the U2 concert. Worth a read, but make sure you read it all the way through if you're going to start.

Excerpt: "What became clear, and increasingly distracted me from the brilliant performance, was that the crowd wanted it all. They wanted to look alike (each, of course, alike in their own individually expressive way — each judiciously sized tattoo, placed where it would be covered by business attire, a personal statement). They wanted to pump their fists in unison. They wanted to vicariously exult, suffer, die (at the conclusion of one song Bono lay sprawled on the stage, motionless, just long enough for the crowd to catch its breath in anxiety), and triumph. The boys in front of me — was it so long ago that I was their age, their stage, full of their improbable joy and rage? — were almost palpably desperate to be drawn in...."

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