The spirit of sharing

As the US leg begins, I thought I'd pass on this lovely personal reflection from South Africa comparing the 360 tour to the woman with the alabaster jar. Excerpt: "[Criticism of] the monumental costs of the stage and transport... is nothing less than that same spirit of poverty from thousands of years ago crying out 'we could have taken that money and donated to the poor.' Sharing boldly in love and taking all you have and just pour[ing] it out will create respect from some, but envy and anger from people who you think love you.... The spirit of sharing really has no problem with finance. It does not think about ROI and what’s in it for me. The spirit of sharing sees the bigger picture and act in the ways of the heart. When you let the heart guide your decisions, you will risk looking stupid and you might be attacked. But just like the woman with the alabaster jar you can create history and live forever."


Angela said...

So glad you posted this. I had been puzzling over that criticism of this show. Why should anyone care how U2 is spending their money? They're not price-gouging in order to afford this setup; quite the opposite.

U2 Sermons said...

It's really strange, isn't it, how other celebrities can spend money and time on fleets of Jaguars and collections of extravagant mansions and so on, while garnering only a sort of voyeuristic envious smirk from the public... whereas when U2 spend money and time on providing a more satisfying artistic experience for their audience and/or fostering their social and ethical commitments, they are almost inevitably raked over the coals for it.