Hit Reply

At the suggestion of a friend, I was recently looking through a book of poetry called The Sky's Window, which came out in 2006 and is available on Lulu.com. This book, which seeks "the mysterious in the mundane, the sacramental in the seemingly ordinary," is one of several publications by Martin Wroe, whose possible appellations could include longterm U2 associate, former Propaganda editor, journalist, U2.com editor, Anglican priest, poet, Greenbelt trustee, and probably several other things. Readers might think to associate the title with "Window in the Skies," but it's also interesting to note that one of the poems turns on the notion of being regularly addressed, interrupted, by brief technological commonplaces (put in italics in the text) such as ‘Hit reply,’ ‘Reminder, Today,’ ‘Lines are open, call us now.’ The text ends

Life interrupted,
Silence silenced.
Still small voice
Stiller and stiller
Smaller and smaller
‘Hit reply’

A little bit of an "Unknown Caller" vibe there, no?

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