"Surrender. It's Brian Eno"

A bit off topic, perhaps, but "Surrender. It's Brian Eno" is an interesting interview from The Guardian. Includes comments on Gospel music, contemplation, and what religion/art/sex/drugs, in Eno's opinion, all have in common. There is no direct U2 content, but it's hard not to think of how the kinds of conversations he carries on here may have influenced NLOTH. Excerpt: "Control and surrender have to be kept in balance. That's what surfers do – take control of the situation, then be carried, then take control. In the last few thousand years, we've become incredibly adept technically. We've treasured the controlling part of ourselves and neglected the surrendering part." Eno considers all his recent art to be a rebuttal to this attitude. "I want to rethink surrender as an active verb," he says. "It's not just you being escapist; it's an active choice."

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