“Because you feel like you’re in church.”

Interesting profile of the home built by former U2 show director Bruce Ramus: A temple framed by nature and rock ‘n roll. If it seems off topic here to you, think again. This section, and several others, profoundly echo what goes into making a transformative liturgical experience: Immediately after a U2 show, they’d spend hours examining five videos that had been shot of every song and segue, and they’d deliberate on what worked and what didn’t. Their work ethic made him look at his life holistically. “It was really their approach that made me pay attention — not specifically the lighting or sound or where they were standing on stage, but the exchange. That’s kind of what I learned on U2, to pay attention to how the exchange affects us on a profound level, whether it’s music or art, or architecture. That kind of opened the door for me..... I wanted to create a work of art that I could live in."

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Anonymous said...

fascinating - i felt that also with the round door, he'd been somewhat influenced by Bilbo Baggins' sense of interior design!