Theology Culture and U2, round 3

Anyone who heard (or was sorry to miss) the presentation by Tim Neufeld and Jessica Mast at the U2 academic conference last fall, "Teaching U2: The Classroom as Theological Learning Space," will be happy to hear that Tim's course "Theology, Culture and U2" (MIN 340) is being offered again this fall at Fresno Pacific University. I believe this is the third iteration of the course, which I think surely must have to make it the longest-running college-level course focusing on U2 and their work. Here's Tim's faculty page: Fresno Pacific University - Tim Neufeld.

{Update: Tim shares a little about the course.}


Tim said...

You're correct, Beth. It's the third round (I teach it every other fall and it's now a standing course in the catalog). I'm glad for a dean who allowed me to pilot the class and colleagues who supported its addition. I also owe a debt to you for helping me test and formulate this course through your blog over four years ago.

I'm considering an online version. I'd be curious to know if any of your readers might be interested in an audit or for-credit option. The syllabus is posted on my blog.

I'm using your book as a text again. Students start out by reading the wonderful "Brief History." As usual, I'll keep you updated.

Jeremy said...

Hey Beth, I am a student is Tim's class, and I am so excited to dig deeper into this new perspective of U2. I think I am going to spend more on U2 stuff than books next semester. Thanks for your great work in your book, look forward to checking back in regularly.

-Jeremy Ramos