Sounds like fun to me

Carrying on from yesterday's video theme, here's a journalist who was at the show offering an accessible though theologically literate reflection on the "Until the End of the World"-May 21 intersection by way of Gordon Fee seminary class. (HT Doug) Excerpt:
For Jesus, it boils down to the Kingdom of God. The kingdom isn't a place like heaven, but rather the authority of God over what happens on earth (and in heaven) in transforming the world. That includes what people do. It's not the government or the free market or other economic model, although they can help or hinder what God wants. And, in one of Gordon Fee's favorite phrases, it means "already, but not yet." Jesus won with his crucifixion and resurrection (the "already" part), but the other aspects of love, peace, salvation, justice, ameliorating human suffering -- goals neither politically left nor right -- are "not yet" in place. Bono had that idea cold in "Sunday Bloody Sunday" on U2's third album "War": "The real battle just begun, To claim the victory Jesus won."

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