Life after Emergent and the “Iron Maypole” movements

Another posting in conjunction with U2's concerts on the West Coast: Jeff Keuss from Seattle Pacific University offers reflectionf on things U2 has that the Church needs. It's all worth reading, and I particularly liked the comments about punk. Excerpt: "What U2 saw early on was that punk offered a prophetic push – the willingness to challenge authority and claim the airwaves for bigger issues and giving voice to the marginalized. Yet punk also became all about anger, violence for violence’s sake, and self-absorbed. What U2 has done since its early day is to take the punk call to be prophetic, yet still be in dialogue toward redemption – not merely destruction and deconstruction, but rebuilding and redeeming. As the church becomes more polarized and ideologically driven, this is the call worth listening to." Also, thanks to Jeff for the shoutout to my presentation at the U2 academic conference (which will be out later this year in the book collecting some of those papers - including Jeff's, I believe.)

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