Exploring U2

A reminder that Exploring U2 is out there for purchase (...especially for those of you with institutional book-buying budgets, or your libraries). I don't know who reviewer "owl" is on Amazon, but was awfully touched to read in his/her review of the book that "Beth Maynard's analysis of the U2 concert experience as leitourgia describes what U2 live means to me better than anything I have ever read - and gave me a new word." Gee. Thanks, owl.

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Bono said...

You write inspiringly so that impression reaches Denmark and I totally agree in your point, which is U2 but also heavenly truth - no space between sacral and secular world - the point is that God is where he is present everywhere - and all U2 songs are spiritual or no one? Please write again something special. Happy new Year Joergen, Denmark, pastor