"We’ll get it wrong. And sometimes we’ll get it right."

Some readers might find this off topic, but I was interested to see a post using "One" pop up on Tales From the Hood, a no-nonsense blog about international aid and development. Unusually realistic and refreshing, this anonymous blog is always a great, if sometimes snarky, read that chronicles the "inner struggle to balance being a full-on unapologetic professional aid worker while also staying eyes-open to the inconsistency, dilemma, paradox and sometimes plain absurdity that very clearly exist in the humanitarian aid industry." The post on "One" uses the song to comment on the priorities of aid workers and beneficiaries in an imagined conversation about issues in the aid system. (For a sense of the commitments of the blog, check out Humanitarian Aid 101; for an intensely sarcastic piece that should ring a bell for anyone who has ever had to work with impractical donors motivated mostly by their own emotions, head to the 2010 Best in #SWEDOW awards.)

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