Like being a predator

U2 have spoken often of the influence Patti Smith had on them, and Bono has spoken often of the notion that all songs are prayers. Because of both those things, I was struck to read this comment (which surprised me more than it should have, perhaps) in an interview with Patti Smith today:
Well, prayer is an aspect of my daily discip­line, and the idea of prayer, I think, permeates everything. To pray is like being a predator, in a positive way - you know, God is, like, just having a nice day and here you are, seeking him out with your thoughts. I would think there's an aspect of prayer in everything one does - at least for me. You could go through my records and find prayer af­ter prayer after prayer. 'Cartwheels' and 'Wing' are in a way prayers for my daughter, 'The Jackson Song' a prayer for my son, and 'Elegie' is a prayer in memory of people we lost and a prayer for the living. On the new record, [Banga,3] 'This is the Girl' is like a little prayer for Amy Winehouse.

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