U2 Conference #2 coming up

So, readers, are you planning to be at the 2nd U2 Conference in Cleveland in April? I didn't get my act together to propose a paper this time, but there are several academic sessions of likely interest to readers of this blog:
  • “U2’s Transformation of the Daily Into the Sublime.” Carol Burg
  • “Moment of Surrender: Shared Creation in the U2 Live Experience.” Matthew Hamilton
  • “Transmogrification and Transfiguration in ‘Another Time, Another Place’ and ‘Gloria.’” Paul Harris
  • "Tearing Down the Walls: U2 and the Irish Desire for Transcendence.” Arlan Hess
  • “Bono’s Psalter.” Andrew Smith
  • "Elevation: God on Tour with U2.” Edwin Beckham
  • “More Than Shopping Our Way to a Cure? The (Perceived) Transgressive Nature of the RED Campaign and Its Affect on U2’s Ethos as Justice Advocates.” Laurie Ann Britt-Smith
  • “A Communion of Transcendence: U2 and The Eucharist.” Kristen Pungitore and James Menkhaus
  • “Bono & U2’s Transformation of Celebrity Social Activism Into Social Entrepreneurship and Social Justice.” Jennifer Schaefer
  • “Into the Half-Light: Ireland as An Archetypal ‘Thin’ Place.” Michael Sullivan
  • “Transgressing Theology: Locating Jesus in a ‘F—ed-Up World.’” Theodore Tros
.... and others, I'm sure.
Also, spaces are still open for participants in the mainstream track, targeted at fans and a wider audience than just the academic community. Read more here and consider taking part in a panel!

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