Everything I wish I didn't know

Happy Vertigo Sunday to those on the western Christian lectionary. I had the chance this weekend to share the desert version of U2's "Vertigo" video with a clergyperson preparing to preach on the desert temptations of Christ, and was intrigued by his reaction to the black substance that pours off the band's backs (while also surrounding and trapping them) for a large portion of that video. He said it reminded him of this famous story from the Desert Fathers:
A brother in Scetis committed a fault. A council was called to which Abba Moses was invited, but he refused to go to it. Then the priest sent someone to him, saying, "Come, for everyone is waiting for you." So Moses got up and went. He took a basket, filled it with sand, cut a hole at the bottom and carried it on his shoulders. The others came out to meet him and seeing the sand flowing forth said, “What is this, father?”
The Abba replied, “My sins run out behind me, and I do not see them, and today you have called me here to judge another?” When they heard that, they said no more to the brother but forgave him.

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