Sites to take a look at

Some readers may already have seen Tim Neufeld's post on his talk "Social Justice and Pop Culture: U2 as a non-traditional Christian voice," from the meeting North American Association of Christians in Social Work (California chapter). If not you can check it out here, along with a video captured from a Periscope stream (Tim having become a major host for post-concert Periscope chats!)

Another recent innovation is the U2 Studies Network, where scholars working on U2 can post information about events and research. I'm delighted to see this get going. I used to do a lot of googling trying to find similar things, and having a one-stop clearinghouse is excellent.  St Mary's College in California, for example, did a January term course on U2 and activism with a service learning component. I'm sure there'll be many more posts to come!

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