I thought I�d put this up. It�s from when Bono was on Larry King Live for World AIDS Day. They are in the middle of a conversation in which Bono has described resisting his own impulses to evil (specifically, not being faithful, and violence); you can tell Larry King is somewhat discomfited by Bono�s conviction that trying to do so is important. I thought I saw Augustine of Hippo peek in for a second here at the start.
KING: I never saw -- I never saw a 2-year-old evil kid. What would make...
BONO: You haven't met my kid.
KING: What makes a kid get evil? What makes a man...
BONO: What makes man evil?
KING: Yes.
BONO: I think -- I mean, if you ask a big question like that, you have to look into -- you have to be responsible and follow those questions through to the people, and study the people, who have asked them over eons, over centuries. And you get to the great books of wisdom, and you get to the scriptures, in my case. And you know, I've -- listen, I am the worst -- I am at the very bottom of the list of the food chain of -- you know, I�m a sort of �need to practice a whole lot more� Christian. But...
KING: ... but you are a Christian.
BONO: That's what I hold onto.
KING: Right back with Bono; it's World AIDS Day.

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