Our book collects U2 sermons in the sense of sermons that use U2 songs, not sermons on good works by the members of U2. Still, following up on my previous post, here is a sermon --not in the book-- that cites the Larry King interview, from the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

The relevant portion: I happened to be surfing through the television channels this past week, and I came across an interview with Bono, the lead singer of U2. Since Bono worships with us when he's in Los Angeles, it occurred to me that this might be a useful thing for me to hear. It was. One of the things that he articulated was a belief that everyone had a gift. The tragedy is that most people never realize their true destiny. He mentioned that there were probably people sleeping in the streets who had been destined to be a world-renowned cellist but that they would never realize that destiny. The interviewer then asked him, "If you were not a song writer, what might your life look like?" Bono smiled and said, "I might be one of those people sleeping in the street!"

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