@U2's Angela Pancella has posted an article on "The Nashville Summit: Behind the Scenes with Bono, DATA, and the Christian Music Industry." This expat Nashville girl recommends you read it. There is also a sidebar of quotes by Dan Haseltine of a band which our main editor -- not only an all-around interesting guy but also an SSJE monk -- told me he listens to in his cell: Jars of Clay.

Angela's article refers to the video of Bono's 2002 speech at festivals like Creation and Cornerstone. Apparently he also recorded a new, longer one for this year.

Especially, maybe, if you've ever watched anyone learn to preach (specifically, watched the part where they work through the awkwardness of that almost universal horror of "ME? talk to THEM? ...HERE?!"), it's kind of an interesting sidelight, I think, to compare the two videos.

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