We've had a death in the family, and as a way of praying with it I was listening to "Kite." This was a live performance, and as usual the audience all joined in loudly on "I'm a man; I'm not a child." And at that moment a realization hit me, fully formed....

@U2 runs polls on their front page; the current one is serious, but they've also had some very funny ones. Perhaps their best ever, IMHO, was something like "What is your favorite Bono lyrical redundancy?" And it had a whole list of options, among them
I'm a man/I'm not a child
I was blind/I could not see
I'm wide awake/I am not sleeping

I can't remember the others now, but I thought highly of whoever was observant enough to make that question up. I'd never noticed that tendency, but it's definitely there.

Here is what hit me during "Kite": well, of course Bono would gravitate to poetry based not on rhyme or rhythm, but on parallel, seemingly redundant phrases. That's how the Psalms are organized.

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