There's been lots of coverage of yesterday's AIDS in Africa/ Millennium Challenge press conference with Bono and several religious leaders. A video is at the Kaiser Health Network. The ELCA was certainly well represented by the guy from Bread for the World and another bishop.

Amusing how the press can't even get religious identifications straight anymore -- the CME bishop was referred to as Episcopalian by Reuters, and all the religious leaders were identified as bishops of Bush's United Methodist denomination by Yahoo. (In reality, there was no one from either ECUSA or the UMC present.) Plus, nobody in the secular media was able to figure out that the guy from World Vision was there to represent evangelicalism.

Anyway, as usual, Agnes Nyamayarwo, an AIDS nurse from this book's charity, TASO in Uganda, stole the show. "People are coming to me asking me, where is the money? Where is the promise that Bush made? We are dying." Apparently she is about to go on tour again, appearing in Tampa tonight at the University of Southern (or is it just "South"?) Florida, and in Nashville on Friday at Vanderbilt University Divinity School (with what they're calling "DATA artists," which I assume means Christian performers.) More power to her.

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