Since we observed another contributor's.... Today is the 16th anniversary of my first U2 show (Boston Garden, 1987). This is not the show where the lighting failed and rather than stop the show, they just played for an hour with the house lights on: it's the night after, where they had just gotten the key to the city. There was a sound problem of some sort with the guitar, though, and Bono just waved the band off and led us in "I Still Haven't Found" a cappella nearly twice through, and I remember sitting there thinking: I cannot believe this is happening.

When I got a CD of this show some years later, I was stunned to discover that Bono's rant/prophecy-thing in "Bullet the Blue Sky" that night had been about homelessness. Not because that was one of the biggest issues in Boston then, which it was -- but because I went to work for a homeless shelter three months later.

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