Heads up for anyone who still needs a 4th class at Mercyhurst

Now and again, I continue to enjoy running searches that brought people here. Many of them are predictable: ("U2 Christian," "U2 Bible," the book title, proper names of various contributors, etc.) However, a recent search string was pretty clearly a student looking for (I'm sorry to say) a pre-written essay on U2 and social justice. There's a certain "what's wrong with this picture" about turning in a plagiarized paper to your ethics professor, isn't there?

But anyway, what I learned by running the search myself is that if you attend Mercyhurst College and happen to be taking Religious Studies 405 (Social Ethics) this winter term, one of your possible major presentation topics will be "U2�s Bono and Third World Debt." You can also do Walmart, Exxon, or sweatshops (I bet I'd do sweatshops if I were taking the class. Sometimes I miss school.)

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