One more Advent sermon

Among the Christian groups our U2 book unfortunately does not have represented are any of the historic Peace churches, such as the Church of the Brethren. Which makes me all the more happy to have happened on, and now to be able to share with you, this Brethren Advent sermon from only 2 weeks ago which draws on "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."

The road God paved will not lead to the mall, to the special gift, to the reach and grab and push and shove of December. It doesn't lead to weariness. It doesn't lead to the warmth of our Christmas traditions, as wonderful and important as they are. It doesn't take us to the "after Christmas let down" that many feel. It leads us further... to the source of our longing.

There is more anticipation leading up to Christmas than at any time of the year, even among those who claim not to have a drop of belief in their system. Why? People know in their depths that Christmas is about something they do not have. They may not have words to describe it, but it is still strong enough to flock folks into church pews that are vacant the rest of the year.

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