courage and commitment to seeing other peoples� lives be freed

Darlene Zschech speaks in a recent interview about what motivated her to cover "Walk On" in her first non-worship album, Kiss of Heaven.

The song that you recorded with Martin Smith from Delirious for this album is U2�s �Walk On.� Is U2 another band that has inspired you over the past few years?

One of the artists that inspired me over many years has been U2. We love their music and we love their message. Bono is a very godly man. I love that. He gets passionate about something but doesn�t just talk about it. He actually gets in and will spend his life trying to bring about change. Whether you agree or disagree, you�ve got to admire the courage and tenacity of these people. And that, so many years on, they�re still making great, cutting edge music, I think there has got to be an edge of the prophetic on their lives.

I particularly love �Walk On,� because of the message it contains - of courage and commitment to seeing other peoples� lives be freed. I always held in my heart that secret desire of �if ever I get to do this album, I would love to record 'Walk On'�. I couldn�t resist!

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