Commencement, ONE, and Senate texts

For the many people coming here looking for information on, or wanting to read transcripts of, various speeches Bono has given on themes of social justice and the fight against AIDS and poverty over the past week, here is a (revised) list of what I know to be available and where you can find it.

1. (An updated, better) text transcript of Bono's 2004 commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania where he received an honorary doctorate.
2. Low-quality Real Video of Bono giving the same speech.
3. Transcription of Bono's speech at the Philadelphia rally launching the ONE Campaign.
4. A page linking various videos from the ONE Campaign launch.
5. A report on the entire ONE Campaign launch event from U2Log.
6. Text of Bono giving testimony before the Senate Appropriations Foreign Operations Subcommittee.
7. Video of Bono's Senate testimony.

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