Soul University at SoulFest 2004

I think it's now definite that I will be doing a U2-related seminar at SoulFest 2004. This is a multi-day New England Christian music festival at Loon Mountain, from July 29 - August 1. For you local New England readers who prefer to call a thing what it used to be called before "they" went and "changed it," you may know this event as the Inside Out Soul Festival. ;-)

I had heard Over The Rhine were coming but they don't seem to be on the list, nor is it mentioned on the OTR website. However, there's an impressive artist lineup overall, and you get to praise God while gaping at mountaintops, so, hey, sounds pretty good to me. (I have been once before, and I have a really good memory of an early morning gathering where there were lots of drums and we sang songs from that incredible CD Enter the Worship Circle.)