Tying up some loose ends all over the web

Just want to get a few links in here before my calendar says 2005.

The Center for Church Advancement at Cincinnati Christian University included a synopsis of Scott Calhoun's review of our book in its Nov 2004 issue (PDF), commending "the effort of 26 ministers to utilize pop culture (in this case the songs of U2) to communicate the Gospel from the pulpit."

Little did I know that Get Up Off Your Knees was also featured in a USA Today blog a couple weeks back (the writer thought it was new because of Scott's review, and also thought it was a pretty strange idea). Check it out at USATODAY.com (scroll down to Wednesday, Dec. 8.)

Way late on this one too, but thanks to Catherina Hurlburt of Prison Fellowship's BreakPoint for naming Get Up Off Your Knees on her list of 2004 Christmas book suggestions, along with several other worthy U2 titles.

And finally, our book shows up in the 2004 publications list of the Academy of Homiletics: Homiletix E-Journal.

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