"I reckon he'd be wearing a track suit, in Africa, working with AIDS patients."

Loosely U2-related in the "Friends and Collaborators" category: The RTE show "Rattlebag" recently presented the debut episode of "The Last Friday", for which Gavin Friday (the Irish love those puns, don't they?) put together a "sound collage" show on representations of Christ. Our host won me over instantly by beginning with Patti Smith's "Gloria," but he makes a lot of interesting comments about his own Catholic upbringing (since "the Bible didn't really come into it," he ended up "hanging around with Protestants and Plymouth Brethren"), includes three readings from "The Message" ("a language that you could, like, talk on the telephone... no sort of airy-fairyness, no filigree"), and mixes clips from everyone from U2 to Billy Graham to Nick Cave to Sinead O'Connor. Gavin gives the last word, incidentally, to "Jesus' blood never failed me yet." You can listen to the show via RealAudio.

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