Popmart and prophecy

I've been studying Isaiah recently, whom I am currently recommending for "Most U2ey Biblical author" because of the way he juxtaposes glorious Day-of-the-Lord, ultimate-redemption passages with the most nitty-gritty technical political critique/lament. (And in fact, right now I've actually got it all straight in my head about Pekah and Rezin and Sennacherib and all those guys - a state of affairs that will probably last no more than two weeks!) Anyway, Isaiah is magnificent, but what I want to post about is the famous song of the vineyard in chapter 5. Its climax in verse 7 ("[God] looked for justice, but found bloodshed; for righteousness, but heard a cry") contains two well-known puns: "He looked for mishpat, but found mispat; for tsedaqua, but heard tseaqua."

As I sat there thinking about that poetic device, the opening sound effects of the live versions of "Last Night on Earth" unexpectedly sounded in my head, and then I realized why: "I went looking for spirit, but found alcohol/ I went looking for soul, and I bought some style/ I wanted to meet God, but you sold me religion."

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