A nod to the online world out there

Back when U2 Sermons was a baby blog, I used to thank nearly everyone who linked us. Nowadays, that's not feasible. So how about a housekeeping post featuring some hitherto unacknowledged folks (i.e., if I'm sure I've mentioned you already, you're not going to show up here). I assume it's obvious this is not a blanket endorsement of any of these blogs, which I would not have the time to read thoroughly if there were 48 hours in a day. While all are apparently interested in U2, some of them I'm guessing wouldn't be interested in each other. Further, you might be interested in them, or you might not; I might, I might not; who knows. At any rate, thank you to:
:::post-protestant thoughts:::, notes from the front lines, roblog, ...looking to the Light..., Disaster Area, Andy & Shona's Blog, Uncle Plastic, emergent layer, Hi-Speed Soul, Touching Ground Zero, Cheaper Than Therapy, Calvin College Student Activities Office weblog, Life of Turner, Perfect Blue Buildings, Gideon Strauss, Donn's Center of the Universe, Planet Telex, Dismantle, Roland Allen, Ragamuffin Ramblings, ::frazzle dazzle me::, The Buck Stops Here, Simon Sarmiento's Journal, feminary, Speakergeek, Existential Punk,odyssey, Emerging Question, ZkyWords, Ordinary Community, and Waving or Drowning?

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