radio rebellion: U2 in Worship...the obvious question

Now here's a really on-topic post for this blog! Chris over at radio rebellion is doing a sermon series on the fruit of the Spirit, and he wants to use some U2 media with it. With his permission, then: What suggestions do our readers have for this worthy endeavor?

A few that immediately come to mind for me:
Joy: the U2 visual surely most used in churches, "Streets" from the Boston DVD; or perhaps "Elevation" from Slane (live video).
Faithfulness: "A Man and A Woman" (no video) or "I Will Follow" (from Boston or anywhere else as video)
Self-Control: If you've got a really really cool church, "If You Wear that Velvet Dress" from Pop. Probably nobody has a church that cool, in which case I'll nominate "Vertigo." (video or not)
Love: Totally depends where you're going with it. Could be anything from "Pride" to "All I Want is You." "When Love Comes to Town" might be a nice blank slate for a preacher, since love is depicted as life-changing but never actually defined.

If I were doing this I would also probably do something I don't do much, which is quote the actual people in U2, rather than just their lyrics -- because there are some excellent fruit of the Spirit quotes that come immediately to mind.

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