G8 Gleneagles

It's almost time. I'll be at a White Band demonstration tomorrow; will you? For readers interested in Live8 and the Gleneagles Africa summit, here's a site full of G8 stuff from the BBC. On the Live8 front, one wonders if the leaked story revealing that U2 and their manager are giving about 6 million dollars personally will have any effect on all the voices accusing them of hypocrisy for being successful in their profession while also participating in consciousness-raising about debt, trade, and aid. Also, here's Jeffrey Sachs in the International Herald Tribune, tirelessly trying to get the facts out in the face of spin. You could also go sign the actual Live8 List.
And: since Blogger won't let me use javascript in a post, I can't display the real-time badge here, but you can see, minute to minute, how many of us are blogging about this stuff with a very cool special Technorati feature. (For the Technorati tag thing, then, I'll footnote this post: .)

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