"He moved. Any man can move one hundred and eighty degrees."

A big bravo to @U2 for getting permission, on the occasion of , which will focus on consciousness raising about debt, trade, and aid for Africa, to post the whole first chapter of Noreena Hertz' The Debt Threat: here are parts one and two. This is the chapter that recounts Bono's role in brokering the initial round of $435 million in Jubilee debt cancellations. I own The Debt Threat, and reading the whole thing is a great way to learn the real story on debt -- which is very different from the ridiculous myths one usually hears about how developing countries accumulated debt and why they spent loans as they did. A big step was made by the G8 finance ministers recently, but it's people like Hertz who can help you understand why more, and what more, is needed and how.

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